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  • Larry D. Hutchings


We must discover where our "addiction" came from. First of all, we need to think about who influenced us in the first place and who we are influencing. Now, we are not looking for someone to blame, because you must understand that whoever influenced you, was influenced by somebody else, and they have their own "addiction" as well. We are looking for a reason why we ended up here in the first place. Everything we do, everything we have, has come from the influence of the generations above us. Our entire lives as a society have been based on relations to those before us, dating all the way back to the caveman days. Theoretically, the first fire could be attributed to the reason of why we smoke today, because without fire, we wouldn't be able to light up a cigarette. But, let's not think that far away. Let's think about who influenced you directly. Again, not to blame them, but to understand where our "addiction" began.

When you start reflecting on who influenced you, you are probably going to realize that you were becoming "addicted" to smoking long before you ever even started. Yes, your subconscious mind was picking up on habits and hearing things like "cigarettes are so addictive" and "I want to quit, but I just can't." These things, or something similar that you heard, were becoming your voice. Eventually, you started to believe them yourself, and after that first one, or a few after that, you were instantly hooked. Not because of the chemical "addiction," but because of your subconscious belief that nicotine was so "addictive" and you "had to have another one."

Now, stop and think. Do I really need to have another one? What will happen if I don't smoke? Sure you will be uncomfortable for a brief period of time, but once that feeling starts to subside, you will realize that you didn't need to smoke after all. Repeatedly resist the urge over and over every day, and eventually that uncomfortable feeling will go away, and you will be free of your "addiction."

You must decide to become a better influence for the next generation. Your influence matters! So, make sure that you are setting a good example and being healthy and smoke-free. Get more help from Just Stop Smoking - Your Guide to a Smoke-Free Life.

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